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Talal Zaman Abbasi - Software Engineer
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Learn Web Development with This Free 20-Hour Course

November 2, 2023 Design
Learn Web Development with This Free 20-Hour Course


Are you a complete beginner interested in learning web development? Look no further!

We just published a comprehensive course about web development with HTML and CSS on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel. This course is thoughtfully designed and taught by Aakash N S, the CEO and co-founder of Jovian, a platform for data science and machine learning.

The course begins with the basics of HTML and CSS, delving into advanced concepts as we progress. You’ll learn how to use Git, GitHub, and cloud deployment with Vercel. We’ll also cover mobile-first responsive design, the Bootstrap CSS framework, and the Express web application framework.

Practical coding assignments are an integral part of the course. You’ll be tasked with building a web page from a mockup, creating a responsive mobile-first website, and crafting a scientific calculator. For the grand finale, you will build your personal portfolio website and deploy it to the cloud!

Here’s a breakdown of the course content:

Lesson 1: HTML and CSS Basics

  • HTML, head, title, body & div tags
  • Text, links, lists, headings & images
  • CSS selectors, properties & values

Lesson 2: Advanced HTML and CSS

  • Forms, inputs, buttons & dropdowns
  • Tables, CSS flexbox & grid layouts
  • Iframes, video, audio & canvas

Assignment 1: Design Mockup to Web Page

  • Study and inspect a design mockup
  • Add HTML content and style with CSS
  • Deploy the final web page to the cloud

Lesson 3: Version Control and Cloud Deployment

  • Introduction to Git & GitHub
  • Branches, commits, push & pull
  • Cloud deployment to Vercel

Lesson 4: Responsive Design and CSS Flexbox

  • Media queries & mobile-friendly design
  • Creating fluid layouts with CSS flexbox
  • Building and testing a responsive website

Assignment 2: Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

  • Inspect device-specific mockups
  • Set up breakpoints and base styles
  • Implement mobile-first design

Lesson 5: Bootstrap CSS Framework

  • Installing Bootstrap and customizing base styles
  • Creating responsive layouts using the grid system
  • Building a web page using Bootstrap components

Assignment 3: Build a Scientific Calculator

  • Build user interface with HTML & CSS
  • Add event handlers to DOM nodes
  • Implement logic with JavaScript functions

Lesson 6: Express Web Application Framework

  • Setting up HTTP routes & methods
  • Rendering templates & static files
  • Cloud deployment to Vercel

Project: Build Your Personal Website

  • Pick a template or create wireframes
  • Create a website with multiple pages
  • Add content and deploy to the cloud

Head over to the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel to watch the complete course (20-hour watch).


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